Publishing work

Corporations have plenty of space to display creative ideas and many low-cost ways of facilitating the publication of work by their employees. Receptions, car-parks, building façades, security passes, corridors and canteens are just some of the spaces that can be used to display work. This stimulates thought and the transfer of ideas across different disciplines.

A foyer filled with a photographic exhibition by the managing director’s PA can give the tool designer an idea about how to solve a problem or show prospective clients your genuine commitment to creativity.

If your argument is that you aren’t in the business of publishing work, consider the success of innovative companies such as Google and Apple – businesses which have shifted and grown thanks to internal innovations. If you are in the business of creativity, innovation and getting the most from your employees’ talents, it’s a mistake to define yourself by what are not.

“Unlock creativity by giving it an outlet and you put joy into people’s lives”

Publishing and exhibiting has to be done right – it’s not a slapdash affair, no blue-tack and curled photocopies. The work must be well presented, well lit and regularly updated – a talented curator would make a big difference to this process. Why not employ someone whose specific job it is to seek outlets for the non-work related creative output of your talented employees

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