Risk taking

The creative process is spiked with land-mines and tank-traps for the inexperienced and fearful manager. Fear leads to the caution that will turn a creative project sour and fulfill its own prophecy. Fear paralyses projects that need to leap into the unknown.

“Creativity requires leaders, not followers.”

Of course, risk taking in the dark is not just risky, it’s foolish. People who take risks don’t think it’s much risk; that’s why they can take them. They gather information and, in the arc-lights of knowledge, make bold decisions based on their confidence and ability to cope.

“Risks are only risks when you don’t know what you are doing.”

The key is understanding. How does a manager gain understanding of creative processes? By trying them. All creative managers would benefit from regularly attending creative workshops or just taking their ideas and putting them into form. Everyone’s creative, so it’s not hard to find the part of you that likes to make things, write things or play things – and do it on a bigger scale.

Once you’ve tried this, even if you fail completely, you’ll have learned more about the process and be able to make better judgments. You’ll have a far better idea of when to nurture an idea and when to reign it in. It isn’t an instinct, it’s a skill and it can be learned.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” ~ Peter Drucker

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