Ideas into form

There are two stages of creativity – forming an idea, then putting the idea into form. The first step is what gives us all the basic ability to be creative. The second is how we manifest the idea for others to experience.

We can almost instinctively solve problems and respond to challenges with creative responses. Ideas develop, seemingly out of nowhere, and then it’s up to us to fashion those ideas into a sentence, an image, object, melody, action, method, colour or perhaps even simply a choice.

“An idea is salvation by imagination.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Of course, ideas don’t really come from nowhere. They are formed and informed within a context embodied in the creator. They are influenced by other ideas and the juxtaposition of often contrary concepts. All of this is filtered through the individual and coloured or interpreted by their experiences, personality, thought processes and skills. Every act of creative thought is unique. Even results that resemble each other have been filtered through different processes and influenced by different events.

And so, there may be nothing in these pages that’s not already known, published and understood – but all these ideas have been filtered through individual thought processes and published at a specific time in a specific place. They can influence other people’s thinking which may lead to further iterations of similar, more developed ideas or tangentially different ways of thinking.

And so the creative process continues…

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