Starting a business

As someone who just wants to be creative and get paid for it, you may not have the slightest interest in starting a business. But if you’ve just sold someone a piece of your precious work for the first time, guess what… you’ve just started a business.

You’ve made what’s called ‘a supply of goods’. You’ve traded work for payment and therefore you’ve undertaken a business transaction. You’ve created a business. Even if that business never trades again, never produces anything else that sells, you have, technically at least, created a freelance business.

Starting a business isn’t hard. Keeping it going and making sure the business requirements are met is the challenge. Building a business into something that can thrive and expand and last across generations is harder still. But it’s not beyond the reach of well-informed and motivated people, no matter what their educational background.

This site is designed to promote that awareness.

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