Creative people

To understand creative people, we need to consider the nature of creativity. Our underlying belief is:

“Everyone’s creative.”

Creativity is about putting ideas into form. Everyone has ideas (some, more often than others) and the act of putting those ideas into form – even if just as a spoken sentence – is an act of creativity.

The fruits of human creativity surround our everyday lives; from the technology that enables you to access this website, to the works of art that stimulate our minds, or the lines from a poem on a gravestone and the arrangement of flowers before it.

So we’re all creative. But only some have the originality and talent to turn their ideas into a career. Talent is an essential part of the creative process that must be recognised and supported in order to make great work.

In order to tap that talent and turn it into valuable economic activity, it’s necessary to understand a wide range of interconnected issues. This site is dedicated to promoting that understanding.

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