Links to interesting sites

David Parrish, an international business advisor for creative people has his own site here and a book available for free download called ‘T-shirts and Suits’ has a very similar philosophy to cibnet – that creativity and business are not mutually exclusive skills.

Dr. Detlef Reis is a university lecturer in Business Creativity and
Innovation Leadership at the College of Management, Mahidol
University, Bangkok. He is also the founding director of THINKERGY Limited, a business creativity and innovation consultancy. Website here.

Mark McGuiness is a UK based poet and business coach specialising in the creative industries, professional artists and creatives. His blog; Wishful Thinking is full of useful articles on a wide range of interesting topics. For example, here’s is a good piece entitled what makes a creative person.

David Airey has a design related blog and an excellent piece here about how to write a graphic design brief. A ‘must read’ for anyone considering commissioning a graphic designer.

Design_at_the_edge by Jim Rait regularly deals with business phenomena and analyses and explores concepts with the help of diagrams and illustrations.

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