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Cibnet philosophy
What is creativity and what are creative people about?
The creative process
Where does creativity come from
How creativity manifests itself
What does it mean to the individual
What does it mean for the future
Understanding motivations
Room for ideas

Developing a creative business

What is business?
The value of work
Principals of business
How to start a business
Business structures & intentions
The Freelance business
Creative companies
Need for management
Management styles
Marketing and portfolios
Financing a start-up
Cash flow – Parts I II & III
Staff/premises/leases and expansion
How to survive and grow

The client/creative relationship

From the creative point of view
How to attract clients
How to deal with presentations
How to negotiate
What and when to communicate
How to manage jobs
Responsibilities of the creative

From a client perspective
Paying for ideas
Communications and understanding
Dealing with small creative suppliers
Contractual negotiations
Managing the creative process I
Managing the creative process II
Risk taking
Degradation by committee

Creativity within the corporation

Working with creative people
How to attract & keep creative people
Ownership and reward
Publishing work
Creative workshops


The creative economy
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