Cibnet philosophy

Creativity and business – square pegs and round holes?

One of the two main philosophies of Cibnet is that creativity and business are NOT: opposites, mutually exclusive, contrary talents or anything else that infers these different skills cannot productively co-exist.

creatives working as freelancers need to understand business

  • to run their own business effectively
  • to recognise the needs of their clients
  • to communicate in a professional way
  • to deliver the best possible work

business people need to understand creativity

  • to get the best out of their creative resources
  • to work with freelancers and small creative companies in harmony, not confrontation
  • to make decisions based on confidence and not fear
  • to give enough room for the creative process to flourish

creative companies must meld business with creativity

  • for basic survival
  • to support and encourage their people
  • to help their clients understand the creative process
  • to gain access to international markets
  • to deliver great work to their clients

Round pegs do fit into square holes and square pegs will fit into round holes with a minimum of friction; as long as there’s enough room around the edges.

The other main philosophy of cibnet is that understanding is a key to making better work, gaining success in business and ultimately making the world a better place. While this site is separated into two main areas, the topics section deliberately places the subjects side by side and there are many links from one section to another. The manager who understands the basic problems facing a creative supplier or employee is going to be a significantly better manager. And the creative who understands the nature of their client’s demands and constraints has a much better chance of making good work and making a good living from their talents.

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