Do Samsung managers need a little cibnet philosophy?

22 July 2007

In an article in the Hankyoreh a senior manager bemoans their corporate culture which ‘doesn’t allow for creativity’. That, as all modern companies which rely on innovation know, is a serious problem.

Korea can no longer compete in terms of cost because wages have risen, so Korean companies are at the point where it will have to compete through differentiation. The thing is, the most important factor in differentiation is creativity. You cannot be different from others if you cannot come up with something new. Now is the time when you have to create to grow.

All over the world, companies are waking up to the need to stimulate creativity within their organisations and attract talented employees.

Update; according to a story on

Samsung is not ready to give in to such arguments saying that management and creativity are complementary, not contradictory.

Don’t they know how to make square pegs fit into round holes?.

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